Hello World!

This is an example of a basic Teacher Virus (TV) payload. You can see what it's made up of at its GitHub repository: github.com/harrylongworth/tv-helloworld

To create your own first payload why don't you fork this payload and give it a go? You'll then be able to install your forked version by simply entering in your GitHub username and the name you give the forked repository. For example we forked this payload under the OATSEA account which means you could also install it with the username: OATSEA and repo: tv-helloworld

The beauty of the system is that you can then simply use the GitHub editing ability to modify your file contents - commit the changes and then reinstall your payload and it'll have the new version straight away. You can also turn on a developer option (in TV Admin settings) that allows you to select a branch other than master so that you can work on a dev version without breaking your payloads use by others!

We use the tv- prefix on our payloads by convention. tvp is for a player/engine payload type, tva is for admin payloads, tvc for content and tvs for apis (or web services). But you don't have to follow that convention if you don't want to.

If you want to build a payload from scratch - all it takes to create a working payload (our word for apps that run on the TV platform) is at least an index.html (or index.php) file in the root of a GitHub repository.

You should also include an icon.png (or icon.svg) file to become the button image for your payload. If you don't provide an image TV will use the default OATSEA logo image (which this payload uses)

GitHub will suggest (and we agree) that you also create a README.md file to explain your payload - and an open source license file (Apache 2.0 please).

Now if you don't want to use GitHub you can zip up a folder holding your files and use the file upload or install from url options instead (or simply upload your files to the appropriate folder in a subfolder)

Once you've got all that sorted and have created something cool - why don't you register your payload and share it with the rest of the world in the Teacher Virus Catalog at teachervirus.org?

If you have any questions or need help please register at teachervirus.org and join the community.